• How to Replace Your Car Battery

    Unfortunately, car batteries don't last forever, and to ensure you aren't left stranded in a parking lot with an engine that won't turn on, it is best to replace them on a semi-regular basis (or whenever the manufacturer recommends). If you happen to leave your headlights or interior lighting system on, you could also drain the power and may need to replace your battery sooner. While professionals can do this service for you, you can save money and time by easily doing this repair yourself. [Read More]

  • Tips On How To Protect Your Clutch From Premature Wear

    The clutch is the stand-out feature of manual transmissions. It helps to detach the transmission from the engine to allow for speed adjustments. Unfortunately, incorrect use of the clutch can lead to its premature wear, resulting in necessary repairs, an expensive undertaking that every manual car driver should know about. In this article, therefore, learn what to do to avoid having to replacing your clutch sooner than you have to. [Read More]

  • 9 Steps to Flawless Winter Driving

    Driving in snowy or icy winter conditions can be tricky. If you live in an area that sees the temperatures dropping dramatically during the winter months, make sure you pay heed to these nine driving tips to avoid becoming involved in an accident. 1. Remove Snow If you've experienced snowfall over the night – or simply when you've left your car outside – clearing it off the windshield with a scraper might not be enough. [Read More]

  • Top tips for keeping your campervan organised and tidy

    Whether you're going on a short campervan trip for the first time or you're a seasoned professional, it's vital for the enjoyment and success of your holiday that your campervan is a fully-functioning living space. When you're restricted to a small space for all your storage, cooking and sleeping requirements, it's easy for your campervan to fall into a state of disorganisation and untidiness within minutes. Let's look at some top tips for helping you to keep your campervan organised and tidy on your next great Australian holiday. [Read More]

  • 4 Important Facts About Automobile Air Conditioning Systems

    Air conditioning used to be considered a great luxury but can now be found in most vehicles. While it is generally not recommended for you to fiddle with the AC system yourself, you should know a bit about how it works as well as what issues you must be on the lookout for. Odd smells are caused by bacterial build-ups If the air conditioning system is not used frequently, or if the car becomes older, microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and mould may start growing behind the dashboard on the evaporator, causing some extremely unpleasant odours. [Read More]

  • The Process of Automatic Transmission Fluid Change

    Your vehicle's automatic transmission system also referred to as an automatic gearbox is one of the many hydraulic systems in your vehicle. It serves to transfer engine power to the wheels. To maintain its effective functioning, it is important to have the system's transmission fluid analysed periodically to ascertain whether there is adequate fluid of proper quality available for your automatic transmission system to perform as appropriately. With car owners in mind, this article provides detailed steps typically employed by automatic transmission service companies to assess and carry out fluid change as far as automatic transmission systems are concerned. [Read More]

  • Transmission Slipping: The Common Causes

    A slipping transmission is more problematic for automatic cars than the manual ones and it usually signifies that extensive maintenance is required or that the transmission is facing imminent failure. Diagnosing this issue is difficult for drivers without mechanical skills or knowledge but there are common symptoms which point towards a transmission problem. These include delays during acceleration, difficulties in shifting the gears and strange burning smells. If you notice such anomalies in your vehicle, you should consult an auto technician for proper diagnosis and repairs. [Read More]

  • Why Your Exotic Car Should Always Be Serviced By a Professional

    If you own an exotic car or an expensive sports car, then you need to always have it serviced by a specialized professional. Taking it to a standard mechanic or just any repair shop, even for regular maintenance and oil changes, can be a mistake and even more costly in the long run. Consider why that is and why your exotic car or sports car should always be serviced by someone who specializes in your particular make and model. [Read More]

  • Why Does The Steering Wheel Vibrate When You Brake?

    If you suddenly notice that your steering wheel is vibrating wildly when you brake, you need to investigate the cause. This can be really disconcerting, to say nothing of the danger the condition poses when you're trying to remain in control of your vehicle. What is the cause and what can you do about it? Does It Happen Only When You Brake? Firstly, make sure that the condition manifests only when you brake. [Read More]

  • Is Your Car Telling You That it's Time to Visit a Mechanic?

    When your car needs mechanical repair, the signs are not always as obvious as you might think. A car can start and run and still be driven while needing repair, even if those repairs are very serious. Knowing some signs of major repairs to be done can ensure you get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible so it stays running, and so that you avoid the need for even more major repairs down the road. [Read More]