Why Your Exotic Car Should Always Be Serviced By a Professional

Posted on: 26 February 2015

If you own an exotic car or an expensive sports car, then you need to always have it serviced by a specialized professional. Taking it to a standard mechanic or just any repair shop, even for regular maintenance and oil changes, can be a mistake and even more costly in the long run.

Consider why that is and why your exotic car or sports car should always be serviced by someone who specializes in your particular make and model.

1. Diagnostic tools are usually specific for that car

A limited edition car, an exotic car, or a very expensive sports car usually has special parts that are not found on other models, even of the same make. This means that a mechanic needs certain diagnostic equipment in order to even figure out what's wrong with the car and make needed repairs. This diagnostic equipment will fit those limited edition parts and they may not be available to just any mechanic, but only to specialists and authorized dealers or repair shops. Without the right equipment, a mechanic may not even be able to understand what's wrong with your car in the first place.

2. Your warranty may be at risk

If your car has a warranty, it may state that you need to have the car serviced by an authorized shop or dealer in order for the warranty to remain in effect. If you were to get into an accident or have a part fail down the road, the manufacturer could refuse to recognize that warranty if you had your car serviced by someone not authorized, even if it was a minor repair that had nothing to do with the accident or part failure. In turn, you would need to pay for that repair or for the part that would have otherwise been covered by the warranty.

3. Specialized repair persons can look for signs of damage or wear to your car

Sports cars and exotic cars may suffer more wear and tear to the engine and other parts if they rev higher or run hotter than standard sedans. A specialized repairperson will understand the typical damage your car might suffer and can know what signs to look for when it comes to excessive wear and tear or of parts failing, and can do this even when simply changing your oil. By having your car inspected by a specialized repairperson, you can have repairs done as needed and before your car suffers any major damage or needs more extensive repair.

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