4 Important Facts About Automobile Air Conditioning Systems

Posted on: 2 July 2015

Air conditioning used to be considered a great luxury but can now be found in most vehicles. While it is generally not recommended for you to fiddle with the AC system yourself, you should know a bit about how it works as well as what issues you must be on the lookout for.

Odd smells are caused by bacterial build-ups

If the air conditioning system is not used frequently, or if the car becomes older, microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and mould may start growing behind the dashboard on the evaporator, causing some extremely unpleasant odours. Because of this common occurrence, this is commonly referred to as "sick car syndrome" and can cause flu-like symptoms such as headaches. You can solve this problem by using antibacterial treatments, destroying the bacteria.

A refrigerant refill might be needed if your car does not feel cold enough

If you have suddenly noticed that your car no longer feels as cold as it used to, then it might be that your AC system needs servicing. Most manufacturer servicing warranties do not cover the loss of refrigerant gas, which depletes over time. This leakage is often caused during winter months when the system is not used. When not used, the small ring seals in the AC system are allowed to dry out, resulting in gradual deterioration. These problems can be fixed by constant leak checks as well as complete refills if necessary.

Strange noises from the AC system should be checked as soon as possible

If you notice any weird sounds that you haven't noticed before coming from your automotive air conditioning unit, it is recommended that you contact an auto air conditioning professional to have a look at the system. Most noises are early onset symptoms of compressor failure, which is the most expensive part to fix. If the compressor seizes up or breaks down, this means that all other AC unit parts can be contaminated with metal parts. In that case, a system flush is needed as well as the replacement of the receiver, drier, expansion valve and the compressor.

Help maintain the system by running the air conditioning unit at least once a month

By running your air conditioning system during the winter, you will help keep the system leak tight and well-lubricated. The refrigerant also has the job of carrying the lubricating oil to the compressor. It also keeps hoses and seals moist, ultimately preventing them from cracking and drying out. 

If you have specific questions about the air conditioning in your car, contact a business like Natrad to learn what might be causing any problems.