Top tips for keeping your campervan organised and tidy

Posted on: 20 July 2015

Whether you're going on a short campervan trip for the first time or you're a seasoned professional, it's vital for the enjoyment and success of your holiday that your campervan is a fully-functioning living space. When you're restricted to a small space for all your storage, cooking and sleeping requirements, it's easy for your campervan to fall into a state of disorganisation and untidiness within minutes. Let's look at some top tips for helping you to keep your campervan organised and tidy on your next great Australian holiday.

Declutter before you go

Only pack the things that are really essential to your trip. There is no need to pack your whole wardrobe or pantry on a short trip. Check out the weather forecast the day before you leave, and pack seasonal clothes accordingly.

Remember that you can always pick something up that you need along the way, and if you're staying in caravan parks there will be opportunities to wash your clothes. To minimise the food items you need to carry, do a comprehensive menu plan before you go and only pack what you need, picking up fresh produce throughout the trip.

Everything has its place

Allocating a home location for every item in your campervan will not only keep your space organised — it will be easier to locate things quickly as you need them. As a rule, try to keep frequently used items handy, and emergency gear including your torch and first aid kit in an easily accessible location.

Once you have successfully organised your campervan in this way, it is important to make returning items to their home location a habitual practice. Once you return from the shower block, for example, stow your toiletries away in the designated area, hang your towel and place dirty clothes in the wash bag.

Pack like a pro

To maximise the limited space you have aboard your campervan, it helps to pack your van like a professional. Instead of folding your clothes, roll them into cylinders — it will help to increase storage space and also keep your clothing wrinkle-free.

Resist the urge to pack large tins of coffee or a bulk bag of rice. Store all your dry stores in small, clear, compatible containers so that they can be stacked nicely in the pantry space. You can also use containers in out-of-the-way hiding spots, such as under the dining table or passenger seat, to store extra necessities.

Clean as you go

Keeping your campervan clean and tidy requires short periods of regular cleaning throughout your trip. Make sure you have prepared for this by packing a small battery operated vacuum cleaner and a compact dustpan and broom. Disposable wipes are great to keep on board, allowing you to wipe dust and grime off surfaces quickly and easily.

Before leaving on a trip, it's also smart to get your campervan checked out by someone at a place like Duns Bros to make sure any needed repairs get done.

With a little forethought and the implementation of habitual tidying, your campervan can be kept functional, organised and clean throughout your trip, no matter if it's a weekend away or an adventure across the country.