Is Your Car Telling You That it's Time to Visit a Mechanic?

Posted on: 17 February 2015

When your car needs mechanical repair, the signs are not always as obvious as you might think. A car can start and run and still be driven while needing repair, even if those repairs are very serious. Knowing some signs of major repairs to be done can ensure you get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible so it stays running, and so that you avoid the need for even more major repairs down the road. Note a few of those signs here.

1. A sweet smell coming from the front of your car

A sweet smell from under your car's hood is usually radiator fluid or coolant, and while it smells sweet naturally, you should never be able to detect this odor. This fluid should always be contained within the radiator or the lines and hoses of your cooling system. If you can smell something sweet and what seems warm, this can mean a leak around the radiator cap or around a connector of one of those hoses.

Ignoring this problem can cause the radiator or the hose to rupture and this is a very expensive repair, and it may mean driving your engine without coolant which is also very risky and can lead to extensive repairs.

2. Loud grinding, squeaking, or squealing consistently coming from the brakes

New brakes might grind a bit as they get broken in and wet brakes might squeak or squeal slightly, but if this noise is continuous or very noticeable, this often signals a serious problem. Grinding can mean the pads or shoes have worn down and they may in turn slip out of place and cause damage to the rotor, and your car will come to an immediate stop. Squeaking and squealing can also mean they have deep grooves or ridges that compromise their ability to stop your car, and this too can be dangerous.

3. A burning smell

A burning smell can be caused by an oil leak; as the oil drips onto the exhaust or other parts of the engine, it smells like it's burning. It can also be caused by brakes that are wearing down and which are then being ground against the rotor. In both cases, it's very dangerous to drive your car. An oil leak can mean that the oil drips out entirely and your car's engine seizes up, and worn-down brake pads won't stop your car as they should.

Take your car in for service if you notice any of these signs that it needs repair work done. Resources like Treg Smiths Auto's Pty Ltd will be able to figure out the problem and take care of it.