Why Does The Steering Wheel Vibrate When You Brake?

Posted on: 23 February 2015

If you suddenly notice that your steering wheel is vibrating wildly when you brake, you need to investigate the cause. This can be really disconcerting, to say nothing of the danger the condition poses when you're trying to remain in control of your vehicle. What is the cause and what can you do about it? Does It Happen Only When You Brake? Firstly, make sure that the condition manifests only when you brake. [Read More]

Is Your Car Telling You That it's Time to Visit a Mechanic?

Posted on: 17 February 2015

When your car needs mechanical repair, the signs are not always as obvious as you might think. A car can start and run and still be driven while needing repair, even if those repairs are very serious. Knowing some signs of major repairs to be done can ensure you get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible so it stays running, and so that you avoid the need for even more major repairs down the road. [Read More]