Using a Car Service Courtesy Car: Your Questions Answered

Posted on: 4 January 2022

If you have been provided with a courtesy car while your vehicle is in the auto shop, you may have some questions. This article answers some common questions you may have about using a car service courtesy car. Read on to discover more!

1. What are you allowed to do with the car?

A usual courtesy car agreement (or 'Customer Vehicle Agreement') will cover the essentials of what you are and aren't allowed to do when using your rental vehicle. Typically, you cannot use it for commercial purposes. When driving the car, you should obey all local traffic laws and regulations. Although you are driving a courtesy car, you are still personally responsible for any fines or other enforcement action that results from actions such as speeding or illegal parking.

2. What happens if you have an accident using the courtesy car?

You must ensure that you immediately report what happened and where it happened to both your insurer and the company hiring out your courtesy car (they will want to know). You may need to fill out an accident report form. If the accident was your fault, you might have to pay an excess on the insurance policy or a contribution towards the cost of the repairs.

3. What should you do before taking a courtesy car out?

Before driving away with a courtesy car, you should check the following things:

  • That the mileage on the odometer matches the mileage listed on the paperwork supplied with the car
  • How much fuel is in the tank
  • Any signs of damage to the windscreen or bodywork that is not already noted on the paperwork,
  • That all windows and doors are locked

4. What should you do if there is a problem with the car?

If any warning lights come on while you are using your courtesy car, stop at the first safe place and call for assistance to be told what to do next. Please don't ignore these lights. Doing so could result in a more serious issue such as engine or electrical failure.

5. What should you do when you return the car?

Make sure you return your courtesy car the same way you picked it up. This means it should be reasonably clean, undamaged, and with a similar amount of fuel onboard as when you picked it up. If any damage is detected or if you return the car with an empty fuel tank, you may face additional charges.

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