• What to Do When Your Car Won't Shift Gears

    Driving your car is supposed to be an enjoyable experience, but there are several things that can make it much less so. One of the most frustrating is when your car refuses to shift gears. This problem can be caused by a variety of things, from a simple issue with your transmission fluid to a major mechanical problem.  Check your transmission fluid: The first thing you should do if you're having trouble shifting gears is to check your transmission fluid. [Read More]

  • Roadworthy Inspection Checklist: Ensure Your Vehicle Is Safe and Compliant

    When it comes to road safety, ensuring that your vehicle is roadworthy is of utmost importance. A roadworthy inspection is a comprehensive assessment that ensures your vehicle meets the required safety and compliance standards. Below is a roadworthy inspection checklist to help you prepare your car for its visit to the auto shop. External Body Work and Tyres     Start your roadworthy inspection by examining the exterior of your vehicle. Keep an eye out for any signs of damage, such as dents or scratches, and ensure that all lights, indicators and reflectors are functioning correctly. [Read More]

  • Could a Blocked or Damaged Condenser Cause Your Car's AC to Malfunction?

    Truth be told, many people don't realise how an automobile air conditioning system works. In reality, they are just happy that they can get that cool blast of air whenever they jump into their car and turn on the switch. Yet, if that activation does not produce the desired result, their attention will quickly focus on what is wrong. And if you're steaming in your vehicle rather than getting ready for an enjoyable ride, what should you do next? [Read More]