How to Make Those Brake Pads Last Longer

Posted on: 21 September 2020

For an average driver, a set of brake pads should last as much as a year or more. If you have been changing yours far more regularly during a routine service, then you may need to look at your driving habits and see if you can keep those wheels a bit cleaner. What do you need to consider?

Washing Up

Each set of brake pads is made from a friction material. When the pads are forced against the discs during deceleration, a tiny layer of this friction material will rub away in order to slow the vehicle down. This dust may combine with road dirt and may stick to the surface of the disc itself. In an ideal world, therefore, you should try to spray the surface of each disc when you wash your vehicle, to get rid of the residue. This will make the surface of the disc as clean as possible and will make it easier for the friction pad to do its work.

Hanging Back

You should also have a look at your driving habits and especially if you are impatient behind the wheel. Do you drive too close to the car in front when you are travelling along a motorway? If so, you will be tapping the brake pedal often as the natural flow of traffic fluctuates. Instead, hang back as much as you can, so that you can see the line of vehicles in front. You'll be able to anticipate any slowdown and will use your brakes more efficiently.

Engine Brake

When you need to slow your vehicle down at a junction or a set of traffic lights, start the process a bit earlier than you would ordinarily. Use the engine gears as well as the foot brake, and you'll achieve the same objective with less wear and tear.

Slimming Down

Remember, your brakes have to slow down a very heavy vehicle and the less weight on board, the better. If you can, empty your boot of everything but the spare wheel, and while this may not make a huge difference, every little helps.

A Different Set

When you next book your vehicle in for a service, ask the technician about your brake pads. They may be able to fit a different set that will be more resilient and in tune with your driving technique. In turn, they should last longer and save you money.

For more tips, reach out to a local car servicing shop.