5 Reasons a Transmission Rebuild Often Beats Replacement

Posted on: 31 May 2016

During a transmission rebuild, a mechanic will carefully dismantle the entire system, clean the parts, and replace anything that has become worn. When the process has been completed and your transmission system put back in the vehicle, you should find that it runs as effectively and efficiently as ever. Of course, you could always replace the entire system instead, but here are five reasons why rebuilding is usually better.

1. Reduced Costs

Perhaps the most attractive reason to have your transmission rebuilt instead of replaced is that you can save a huge amount of money by doing so. A rebuild will only see certain parts of the system replaced, so you'll be charged for fewer materials. It could even be that a very small, inexpensive part was causing most of the problems.

2. Less Waste

Many of the parts in your transmission system were designed to last for the vehicle's whole lifetime; after all, the transmission system is an incredibly important part. Getting rid of the whole system when only a few of its parts need to be dealt with is just plain wasteful, even if you can afford it to take on the costs.

3. Quicker Turnaround

Most people don't have a spare car just waiting to be used when the main one breaks down, so getting back on the road as quickly as possible is often of prime concern. Though a transmission rebuilt can't be completed by your mechanic while you're having a couple of coffee, the process will be much quicker than having the correct transmission system shipped to the service centre and installed.

4. Replacement Systems Are Often Rebuilds

You might think that simply replacing your transmission system altogether would be more advantageous; a whole new system certainly sounds better than one that has simply been rebuilt. However, it's best to remember than manufacturers don't often sell transmission systems by themselves; what you receive will often simply be a system that has already been rebuilt, or one that has been taken from a used car.

5. Updated Parts

When a transmission system is rebuilt, mechanics won't just replace the parts that have become damaged. Since your car hit the road, it could be that a problem has been found that tends to affect that particular model line. If a part of the transmission system has proven unreliable in other vehicles, it can be switched out for an upgraded alternative. A replacement system may not have benefited from the same attention if it was taken from another vehicle or hasn't been built directly by your vehicle's manufacturer.