Indications That You May Require Car Exhaust Repairs

Posted on: 3 February 2016

Although your vehicle's exhaust system does not consists of movable parts, this does not mean that it is not at risk of its components acquiring damage over time. One of the most serious issues you could experience with your car's exhaust is a leak. Not only will this greatly impede the functionality of your vehicle, but it could also pose a serious health risk for you and any passengers in the vehicle. Once an exhaust leak occurs, your car is exposed to poisonous fumes that can easily make their way into the interior cabin. As such, it is always best to know the symptoms of car exhaust problems so that you can take your vehicle for servicing at your earliest convenience. Here are some of the indications that you may require car exhaust repairs.

Your vehicle's engine is rumbling louder than usual

One of the first signs of car exhaust problems is an unusually loud engine. If your vehicle has an exhaust leak, the engine will begin to sound like there is more horsepower in it. This would be most prominent when you are trying to accelerate your vehicle. The reason for this is that the smoke emitted by the exhaust fumes will be trying to make their way through the crack or hole that the leak has occurred. When you are accelerating, there will be increased exhaust production, hence more fumes passing through the small hole. This results in a louder sounding engine.

Your vehicle's gas pedal begins to vibrate

When you are driving, your pedals are supposed to be firm beneath your feet and not vibrate unnecessarily. However, if you have an exhaust leak, the exhaust fumes being produced do not pass through their designated route. Instead, they escape and this will cause the pipes that are leading to your vehicles pedals to start shaking, which inadvertently makes the pedals they are connected to begin to vibrate. If the exhaust leak is severe, you may also experience vibrating from your steering wheel. At this juncture, it would be best to take your vehicle for a car service as this could affect the handling of your vehicle if left undeterred.

Your vehicle is experiencing a decrease in its fuel economy

Your exhaust system has an oxygen sensor that functions toward measuring the amount of oxygen passing through your car's motor and out of its exhaust pipe. These measurements enable the fuel sensor to calculate the appropriate air-to-fuel mix that your vehicle requires to function optimally. When experiencing an exhaust leak, there will be an increase in oxygen levels. This then primps the sensor to increase the oxygen to fuel ration, hence burning more gas than you regularly would.