Car Service | 3 Faulty Components Causing Your Car's Steering Wheel To Become Loose

Posted on: 31 May 2016

Your car's steering wheel is a vital component while driving because it helps you control the speed and direction of your vehicle. If your steering wheel is loose, then you will find it difficult to navigate your car while you drive, which can lead to potentially dangerous situations. If you notice loose steering, then it is perhaps because of some faulty components within your steering wheel system. You will need to head to a professional car service immediately to diagnose and repair the issue.

Faulty Idler Arm

The idler arms are vital to your steering system because they connect the centre link to the steering box. They form a rotating support for your steering system, allowing seamless movement when you move your steering wheel. The idler arm is connected to the centre link through a ball joint, but it can get worn out and break down over time. This will eventually cause your steering wheel to seem loose. In some instances, even a faulty ball joint can result in loose steering. A motor mechanic will need to inspect and fix problems related to faulty idler arms.

Faulty Power Steering Gear

Power steering allows the wheel to turn without the need for applying excessive force, allowing you to control your car more easily. A faulty power steering gear could be the result of low fluid levels or broken down steering belts, which can cause your steering wheel to seem loose. If you turn your steering wheel without any friction, then it could be a sign that your power steering gear is starting to wear out. In some cases, a faulty power steering gear may also lead to grinding sounds when you attempt to turn your car's steering wheel. A car service specialising in steering systems should inspect and treat the problem before it gets worse.

Faulty Tie Rods

Tie roads are integral to your car's steering system because they provide a link between the tyres and steering wheel. A tie rod applies force to the steering knuckle from the rack gear to get your wheels to turn. Over prolonged use, these tie rods can wear out, which will reduce the force applied to the steering knuckle, making the steering wheel feel loose. Worn out tie rods can also trigger a screeching noise when turning the steering wheel. A car servicing mechanic specialising in steering systems will likely need to replace these tie rods for normal use once again.

If you notice any of these problems with your steering system, then it could be because of faulty components. Get in touch with a qualified car service to fix your problem before it compromises your safety on the road.